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Leading company of

Comprehensive Solutions

MetaContratas is developed by Metadata.

Metadata is a software development and services company, mainly addressed to medium-sized and large companies. Established in 1999, Metadata has a large experience in the field and we have grown in solutios, clients, and services and products range.


We believe that our highest strength is our ability to adapt ourselves to the specific requirements of each client, that is, we provide just what our clients need.


We do not belong to any business group, so we are not associated to any technology, tool nor brand but those our professionals can trust and those required by the market.

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We offer

Software and Services

From our vast experience working with large companies, our professionals know both its general aspects and also many of its sector specificities.


This way, although we started providing services, our acquired experience during the development of our projects, we can spot the needs similarity in many clients, so we decided to develop and take to the market common-purpose tools that would provide features to different companies.


During all of these years, we have grown in solutions, clients, and services and products range, reaching solutions by integrating different tools and platforms.