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MetaCard is an ID card that shows variable data, daily updated, and, closely linked with the MetaContratas CBA software, it let you know the suitability of the employees to access a workplace, tasks to be performed, or operate a specific machine.

MetaCard intends to be the physical prolongation of MetaContratas and bring this information directly to the employee. Until now, this information is usually displayed in a PC screen, smartphone, or tablet.


The new smart ID card is born.

MetaCard is an ID card with a digital screen to display variable data. So, if we think about a situation where certain tasks to be performed or machines to be operated by employees has to be controlled, the inspection becomes a hard task because of the three existing ways to carry out this control:

Check each employee daily, according to the resources availables.

Print stickers with this information, which wouldn’t solve the problem because the stickers wouldn’t reflect the changing situation of the employee. If we want to get updated information, we should print a sticker every day.

However, MetaCard provides a desirable solution that allows to get to know at any time the qualifications and permissions of the employees in order to access to a specific workplace or to perform a task with no need to carry out a constant task of inspection, because these employees carry in a visible position and up-to-date this information.

Where is its added value?

To explain easily where MetaCard brings its added value and what are its main advantages compared to the all now known access systems (printed ID cards, magnetic cards, RFID, biometric access, etc.), we are going to analyze what a company needs to control from its employees, particularly the subcontracted ones. Initially, a first division of the controls carried out by a company can be done:

Where can an employee enter?

The one-time control. Only the entrance is controlled. In this case, we must establish a subdivision between:

Dispositivos de control acceso colocados en una valla


Workplaces or areas with a closed perimeter and an access point controlled by a security post with an employee. Waist-high turnstiles, full height turnstiles, automatic gates, etc. Controlled by an electronic scan of the previously mentioned types (cards, biometric readers, etc.).

ANSWER: In this workplaces, and to help the access control (the one-time control), if the employee meet the requirements and can access the workplace or not, MetaCard is just the same as the existing systems. However, our system provides a new feature: at this moment, the information is entered in the card. The card is the device which brings the great features that will allow to control the tasks to be performed or the machines to be operated by the employees.

construccion obra


Workplaces without a defined perimeter or defined perimeter but without any physical control blocking the entrance.

ANSWER: In these cases, even though the access control is not going to be performed due to the lack of physical barrier, it will be performed during the whole working day since the employee will carry the card, and so the data related to the access, tasks, qualifications, etc.

Make sure the employees don’t forget to punch in

Once the employee has entered to the workplace when the companies have an open environment or don’t have a physical access control such us waist-high turnstiles, full height turnstiles, etc., there is no way to know whether the employee has punched in or not unless a supervisor check this information employee by employee with an electronic device (tablet, smartphone, or compurter). MetaCard just let you know by looking at the card if the employee has punched in because, if not, the card changes automatically its status showing the status ‘Didn’t punch in’ by displaying a cross.


A window into MetaContratas

One of the greater advantages of this card is that the supervisor doesn’t have to access MetaContratas to check the information. That is why it isn’t necessary for the users to login and verify it with the source of information, usually a printed list or an application requiring login access. MetaCard is a window into MetaContratas visible and carried by each employee.


Visual time control

MetaCard clearly displays the time an employee has punched in, and this information remains unchangeable until the next punch in. On the other hand, we can also configure the card to control a maximum of working hours allowed per working day, minimum of rest hours between working days, etc., with a consequent positive impact in the employee rights monitoring.


Avoid Social Security fraud

If we combine the features of MetaContratas with the features of MetaCard, you can reach inconceivable results in our current labor market. Firstly, you can get to know if employees is registered in the Social Security the same day they acess to the workplace. To comply with the current legislation, it is important to know whether the employees are registered in the Social Security the day they access to our workplace. On the other hand, MetaCard and MetaContratas let you go beyond. We can control that employees don’t work more hours than those allotted by contract and Social Security. All this helps to clearly and significantly fight against the Social Security fraud and avoid potential administrative fines or sanctions for the companies.

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dispositivo de control de acceso colocado sobre una mesa utilizando una tarjeta

Your eyes: the only reading device

One of the strengths of MetaCard is that you won’t need any device to read the card or login data to access to MetaContratas to check the suitability of an employee. Just take a look at the card!


Reduction of supervisory tasks over the employees

As mentioned, MetaCard shows constantly in its display the essential information to know the document status and the authorized tasks just having a look at the device. As a result, it reduces the time dedicated to the monitoring because there is no need to identify the employees and retrieve their information at no cost for the main company. One of the contracting modality available for the main company, as such already do in many cases with the platform MetaContratas, is that the subcontracted company incurred the cost of the card, establishing as a condition to work with them that all employees that need to enter the workplaces must have a MetaCard, at a lower cost than many PPEs.


For the employees, just another PPE.

For the company, and from the point of view of what it costs, the card must be considered as another PPE which did not previously exist. And so, its purpose is exactly the same as the rest of PPEs: to protect the employees and guarantee their safety.


Easy to use

And all the power that this new feature doesn’t involve any kind of added complication when you use it. MetaCard is used like any other card to punch in. Employees have to put the card close to the reader to enter the workplace and pull out the card when the led lights up.


Possibility of adding additional displays with more information

As previously mentioned, MetaCard is a little computer, with its own processor, memory and display. Although it usually shows the essential information to know the suitability of the employee in a single display, the card can also show additional information in other displays, for example for accidents.


In the reflective vest or in the safety helmet

It has been proved that protective vests are a highly recommended garment to carry MetaCard. Another PPE to carry MetaCard is the safety helmet in the same way a flashlight is held. Thanks to a holding device consisting on a rubber belt and a frontal card holder, employees can hold visibly the card. In the case of office employees, it can also be held the same way as any other kind of traditional cards: with a lapel clip, hanged in a neck ribbon, etc.

trabajador en obre

Advantages of using MetaCard:

You can get to know at any time if an employee has permission to access to a workplace, to perform a specific task, or to operate a specific machine.

Trustworthiness: The information is updated every time the employee punchs in; ‘information outdated is not information.’

Visual: All the employees show if they have already punched in, when, which permissions they have…

Deterrent effect: It helps to avoid that the employees perform tasks not allowed to do, or enter to workplaces without the documentation required.

Save time and money: Reduce administrative tasks and maximize the efficiency of the ORP technicians work, investing this time in the improvement of security and health of your employees.


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