Access control to allow entry to your sites to authorised personnel only.


The Access Control software that provides you with exhaustive control and registration of all employees and machines that access your work centres or construction sites.


Through a clocking system, our Access Control software connects with METACONTRATAS CBA and checks whether employees and machines are authorised to access a certain centre.

Still don’t know what METACONTRATAS CBA is?

Automatically, at a glance, the software tells you whether the access is correct or denied according to the established documentary requirements.

Physical access control devices

We install and provide you with different physical devices for a better control of your inputs and outputs.

No barrier



reading bases

With barrier



Advantages of our access control system

Digitise entrances at your sites and ensure the safety of all employees.

Exhaustive control of all accesses

Just by clocking in, you will know whether or not the person doing so is fit to enter your premises. You will be able to visualise, at a glance:

QR Card

Your external companies will be able to easily and quickly download the QR cards of their employees. When arriving or leaving the workplace, just by showing their QR and passing it through the established reader (app, biometric, turnstile…,) the time of entry/exit and whether the employee is eligible or not is recorded.
No questions, no waiting.

Multiple reports

It generates and downloads detailed reports on all employee entrances and exits, the time of each clock-in and the time spent at the various workplaces. You can consult by day or date range, work centre, project or employee.

Offline clock-ins

Our tool allows clocking in and verifying employee information even when internet connection or network coverage is lost.
How does it do this? The information is continuously stored in the memory and takes the last saved document status before disconnection.

Sectorisation and zone expulsion

Configure different zones for greater perimeter control and set up automatic expulsions, for example, to prevent employees from staying in a centre or zone longer than permitted.

Presence control

Know, at all times, which employees are inside the centre.
in case of emergency or evacuation, you will be able to see quickly and in a single panel the list of employees present, facilitating the total and orderly evacuation of the staff.


All in one place. Optimise all processes thanks to the customisation offered by our CBA software and ensure that the information required is only what you need.

Flexibility and mobility

Put pen and paper aside with a secure and easy-to-use system that helps you clock in from anywhere and avoid potential liability.

What if you could see it all on a single smart card?

Get to know Metacard and discover all its benefits

Nothing simpler to manage your clock-ins and accesses