Much more than an employee ID card


The ID card that shows you at all times variable, up-to-date information and whether employees are fit to enter a workplace, perform a certain task or operate a certain type of machine.

Optimise and replace your inspection tasks with our Smart Card

All information is always up to date and visible in one place. Through a digital screen, Metacard displays the training and authorisations of employees accessing your centres, without the need to consult it via tablet, smartphone or PC.

Metacard will show you at a glance which sites and tasks the employee is authorised to perform, what their workstation is and what kind of machines they are allowed to operate.

A small employee ID badge with big benefits

The revolution of your access control

Information updated 24/7

Whether your centre has a closed perimeter (together with a turnstile, for instance) or not, Metacard brings together all the functionalities of QR, RFID, biometrics, etc. and adds to this the function of displaying valuable and updated information at all times throughout the day (not only when accessing the centre).

Ensures clock-ins and hours worked

The lack of physical barriers to entry in the centres means that employees often forget to clock in. Metacard helps to avoid forgetfulness by clearly showing whether the employee has clocked in or not, at what time they have clocked in and if there are irregularities in their working day (time worked, breaks, etc.).


Boost security and keep everything under control. All information is always up to date and visible in one place.