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Coordinating of Business Activities Software

MetaContratas is a web app to manage and control fast and efficiently the entire business documentation, employees and machines required at outsourcing. MetaContratas processes data automatically, an useful tool to any business, either contractor or subcontractor. And upload documents in unassisted way.

Cost saving

Save up to 60% regarding to other Coordinating of Business Activities platforms. MetaContratas puts at your disposal a complete service to manage the Coordinating of Business Activities with any increasing in your budget. You only pay for every employee and/or machine registered in the platform.


Unique Features

MetaContratas let you upload files just by dropping it in a folder from your desktop and the documentation will be assignated automatically. Therefore, you could also visualize the files from the web without any download.

A flexible software

Every characteristic of your business, whatever it is, will be available at MetaContratas as a highly flexible software that may be configured to any setting.


Integrating Control Access

MetaContratas may be integrated with third party platforms in order to prevent employees with expired or not uploaded documentation from accessing.

Businesses using MetaContratas

Businesses from all sectors trust in MetaContratas.

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Slide 1

What MetaContratas is?

MetaContratas is a web app. MetaContratas makes it much easier to manage the whole documentation about outsources (businesses, employees, machines, etc.) and let you monitor effectively every document required for business coordination:

  • Risk Prevention Documents
  • Social Security
  • Tax Agency (AEAT), etc.
Slide 2

Developed to be used in any scene

Scene 1

In t his case, the contractor manages the app and defines which documents requires from the subcontractors.

Scene 2

In this case, the subcontractor is the manager and manages the app.

Scene 3

This scene arises out of the relation between many contractors and subcontractors.
Slide 3

Can I get to the information from any workcentre or installation?

Yes. As a web app SaaS (Software as a Service), information is available from any workcentre or installation with Internet connection.

MetaContratas is developed for:

  • Business with a single workcentre
  • Business with several workcentres
  • Business groups with own and separated workcentres
Slide 4

Who uploads the information to MetaContratas?

There are several ways availables according to the scene and the characteristics of the project. Information can be upload by subcontractors, the main business or even a third party business who manage the entire documentation.

There is still a mixed option by which some subcontractors may upload documentation directly while others may send it to the main business or a manager to be uploaded.

Whatever option you choose, it results in a database with the whole documentation centralised and reachable from any main business workcentre or installation.
Slide 5

Who validates the uploaded documentation?

1. Business contracting the app
2. Or us; we offer as well a full service of validation in addition to the software
Most common taks in the platform are:
- App setup and installation, document types required, creating workcentres/installations

- Training and support for subcontractors businesses using the platform

- Creating businesses and users

- Validation of uploaded documentation
Slide 6

How can Clients, Promoters, Main Contractors access to the information and documents?

If a contractor is not the app manager (i.e., a temporary agency with many contractor clients), there are two ways to send the information and documentation:
Providing them an user to check out directly the information and documentation by themselves.
Of course, they will only have access to the information they are concerned.
Exporting information required with our export tool. This tool creates an Excel sheet listing businesses and employees, and information about the documentation status based on a colour code
Slide 7

Which Documents can be managed?

Contractors may define the required documentation. Each document has a date of expiration and warning time. The app is charged to send an e-mail automatically to the subcontractor every time a document is about to expire, according to the warning time setup of each document.

Documents may concern Businesses, Employees, or Machines and Vehicles, and may be related to Risk Prevention, Social Security, or any other technical and administrative document.
-Medical examination
-Certificate of competence
-Certificate of ORP Training
-Certificate of Risk Information
-Documents of PPE Supply
-Commitment to Health and Safety Plan
-Document certifying that the entity is up to date with all Social Security obligations
-Fee SS receipt
-Document certifying that the entity is up to date with all Tax Agency obligations
-Residence Card
-Work Visa
-Civil Liability Insurance copy
-Purchase Agreement
-CE Marking
-Vehicle inspections
-Vehicle Registration Certificate
-Compulsory Insurance
Slide 8

Can I extract automatically the information from the documents?

Yes, but only with some kind of documents. There are two processes when entering official documents, such as TC2:
Information concerning employees who appear in the document uploaded, and are registered in MetaContratas, will be automatically extracted and updated to the database.
Not required information (financial, subsidies, etc.) is hidden, as well as employees not working with the contractor, in compliance with Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data.
When uploading an automatic processing document of an outsource working with different subcontractor, the app will create a document for each one. The only employee information available is that concerning each contractor.
Slide 9

The information required is the same for every employee?

NO. MetaContratas allows defining "special settings" for those activities requiring specific or additional documentation: from business according to risk factor in task, frequency of access, etc.; from employees according to workstation (crane operator, work at heights, freelancer, foreign workers, etc.).
The default documentation is required to an employee, and the business may require specific or additional documents if employee work at any special setting.
Special Setting Required document
Freelancer Receipt of SS Registration
Foreign worker Residence Card
Crane operator Crane operator’s certification
Forklift driver Forklift driver’s certification
Cook Food handling certificate
Slide 10

Information managed concerns Subcontractors or Employees?

Both of them. MetaContratas lets you know the information required to a subcontractor and which is uploaded, as well as the information required to every employee and/or machine outsourced
Validated and available documents shall be highlighted in green
Documents pending validation shall be highlighted in orange
Expired or about to expire documents shall be highlighted in red
Slide 11

Every user has the same permissions?

NO. The platform allows the creation of several kinds of users, each one with different privileges and permissions according to the tasks to do, the workcentres to work in, the required documents (you can make visible the documentation concerning a single department). Besides, you can define a different access language for each user.
Users from business who manages the app
Create profiles according to each department needs (Risk Prevention, Access Control, Sales, etc.)
Users from subcontractors
In this case, users could only access and edit employees and machines of their business
Users from contractors
This users have only viewing access to check information concerning their business
Available languages
Spanish - Catalan - Euskera - English - Portuguese - French - Italian - Romanian - Polish
Slide 12

Can contractor send information to outsourced business?

Yes. There is a feature who lets the contractor upload documents to the subcontractors, and lets as well the subcontractors download them from the app. This documents may be generic documents, or workcentres or installations’ specific documents (i.e. Health and Safety Plan, videos, etc.)
Therefore, you have a centralised location to upload documentation for subcontractors.

Documents may be uploaded in any kind or format
Slide 13

Can be integrated with other apps?

Yes. MetaData is a bespoke software development business with extensive experience in application integration. MetaData studies the specific needs of every client and develops an ad-hoc interface with the required application.

For instance, MetaData could develop an interface with a time-tracking app automatically enable or disable access cards, if employee does not have the documentation up to date.
Slide 14

Where is the app installed?

The installation is highly flexible. The app may be installed in the servers of the app manager, or in the cloud as well (MetaData servers), in which case there will be no need to install the app.

Depending on the intended use, you can define its accessibility from the cloud or only from the manager business Intranet. If selecting the cloud option, it will always require Internet conection.
Install Options Available
Server Location Internet Conection
Manager Yes/No
MetaData Yes
Is the app safe from an IT point of view?

If you access from Internet, in compliance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, the conection with MetaData servers is encrypted and uses a secure communication system (SSL Protocol)
Slide 15

Choose from free version to a full service

A free option with
up to 2GB space available for free
Web platform only
User may manage and
validate documents
Full validation
The most complete version: our Risk Prevention
technical experts manage and validate
every document
Slide 16

Full validation service

Validation within 24 hours*
Express validation service
Don’t worry about anything
Our team sets up the app ready to use
We provide support and training for subcontractors
No hidden costs
*24 working hours
Slide 17

Differences between MetaContratas and other Coordinating of Business Activities apps

Excessive information in TC2 and ITA is hidden
Every additional data (metadata) about any kind of document can be defined
Preview documents without any download
We sign a Data Protection Contract with every subcontractor
Automatic documentation upload to the web (MetaPostbox)
App may be installed in the client servers as well
Creation of Excel sheet with documentation attached
Own app for smartphones and tablets
Slide 18

MetaPostbox. Upload and assign documents automatically

There is no need to login to upload a file. Just drop it into the MetaPostbox folder in your PC and the file will be uploaded and assigned properly to the appropriate business or employee. No more waiting!

MetaContratas keeps ahead and becomes again the most innovative software in documentation management for subcontractors.
Slide 19

Smartphone APP

MetaContratas has its own Android App (IOS app in progress) with many advantages:

- QR scan for access control. Check out if an user has documentation up to date and validated with a QR scan. Save troubles and be sure every employee in any workcentre has its documentation up to date y validated.

- Voice Search: Search an employee just by saying his name. No need to touch your smartphone screen if you wear gloves!

- Download files to your smartphone: Download files directly to your smartphone or tablet.
Slide 20

Free Migration

We make migration to our platform quite easy

If you give us access or provide us the documents and information from the other platform, our team will migrate the information for free and provide the app ready to use.
Slide 21

Businesses already using MetaContratas

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